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Art Feeds the Sou;

Art Feeds the Soul...

and for many of us collecting it ranks among life's greatest joys. But for those new to collecting, the process can be intimidating. It needn't be. Here are a few guidelines to get you started.


Buy from the heart

Forget what's in style this year, forget what your parents bought, what the Joneses have on their walls, or what your banker thinks will be a good investment. Listen to your intuition - you've been programming it all your life. When you walk into a gallery and, no matter where you go in the room, your eyes find their way back to that one special piece, your heart is telling you something. Trust it.


Forget Consistency

Often the most delightful collections are eclectic, united only by the joy the owner - and therefore the visitor - finds in the work. So what if you love art with animal subjects, in every medium from oil paint to papier-mache and every period from pre-Columbian to last week? So what if you like abstract expressionism and your spouse favors super-realism? The mixture will enliven your home, enrich your life and delight your guests.


Find your comfort level

Original art does not have to cost a fortune. Indeed, for the price of a suit or a couple of dinners in a good restaurant you can buy a fine, original work by a known artist. Most galleries will let you pay over time, and almost always, you can try out a piece in your home for a few days before you buy. A reputable gallery will never price high in order to discount, but often the price is negotiable. Never hesitate to ask.


Get help

Even seasoned collectors rely on art consultants to scout galleries throughout the country, find artists whose work meshes with their taste, and advise them on purchases that will hold their value over time. There is no cost to you - the consultant's fees are paid by gallery commissions.


Try it

Talk to some art collectors. They admit addiction. But it's an addiction that will give you untold happiness without a moment of regret - and one you can pass on to your children and grandchildren with a spirit of limitless joy.


from "The Art of Buying Art," By Dorothy Rogers, 1997