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Ann ChernowBio Ann Chernow Ann Chernow is an artist whose subject matter is based on women's images from 1930s and 1940s "Film Noir" movies. These movies were the first as a genre to depict 'independent' women; they influenced the female movie-goer in ways that changed the nations' gender attitudes. Joan Crawford and many other stars of said films were emblematic of the 'new' women. Although she alters the actual scenes that she works from, and uses contemporary models, Chernow's paintings, drawings and prints capture and redeem the emotional, universal moments from these Film Noir movies.

Currently, her work is included in a print exhibition at Lessedra Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria, the National Arts Club in New York City and the Society of American Graphic Artists, New York City, from which Chernow will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award on October 28th.

Chernow will show her "Film Noir" drawings at Dorothy Rogers Fine Art, Santa Fe, September 16 to October 8. The Artist Reception is September 24. In November, the Allinson Gallery, Storrs, Conn., will include her work in the International Fine Print Dealers Association's Print Fair at the Seventh Regiment Armory in New York City. The Albany Print Club has chosen Chernow to create a print that will go to all Club members in 2012.


Selected Permanent Collections:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC

The Brooklyn Museum

Yale University Art Gallery

The United Nations Westport Collection, New York

Tel Aviv Museum, Israel

Dorothy Rogers

Dorothy Rogers Fine Art, Santa Fe August 20, 2011